Pet Nat Natural Cider

Pet Nat Natural Cider

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Chisel Jersey, Calville Blanc, Porters Perfection, Golden Russert, Yarlington Mill, and Tremlettes Bitter apples, all grown on our farm and hand-pressed, fermented naturally in low temps and then bottled with remaining residual sugar. The bottled cider aged on its side for almost a year. We did not disgorge the residual lees, and this cider has a somewhat fuller-bodied character than our Cider Champagnoise, with some nicely rounded tannins and a hint more earthiness.

Fermented in a process called pétillant naturel, better known as pét-nat. Pét-nats are bottled before completing their first fermentation

6.7% ABV – 750 ml Bottle


Salt Spring Wild Cider House

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