Mia Amata Amaro 375 ml


Mia Amata Amaro

375 ml

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Odd Society

Mia Amata Amaro unites expressive fruits, flowers, barks, roots and resins from the four corners of the world. At its heart are indigenous aphrodisiacs from Brazil blended with myrrh gum from Somalia, kola nut from West Africa, candied plum from Persia, cacao and vanilla bean from Mexico, mace from India, and elderflower and magnolia from British Columbia. Bitter on first approach, this complex elixir reveals flavours of dark chocolate, orange, plum, nut, and mint in a sweet finish.

Mia Amata is an Italian-style digestif liqueur ready to be mixed in a cocktail, enjoyed after a meal with ice, or served chilled and neat.

375 ml – 30%


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