2020 Storm Haven Gibson Block 3 Old Vines ‘Blue Label’ Riesling


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Storm Haven Vineyard is the 107 acre home and heart of Synchromesh. With large elevation changes and varying geology, we are able to explore very different expressions of Riesling from each block. Farmed without synthetics or chemicals and following a holistic approach, we strive to grow our vines within the existing ecosystem rather than manipulating it. All this is supported by a 70 sanctuary to protect the sensitive habitat that calls our property home.

The Storm Haven label represents the pinnacle of wines from this property in a given year.

SOIL: Decomposing granite and sandy gravel
TASTE: Fleshy mango meat, dried mango, ginger, honeysuckle and acid, acid, acid. Endless, highly textured finish. Medium dry.



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