2020 Spindrift


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Vancouver Island’s premier Traditional Method Sparkling wine; Spindrift Brut is bottle-fermented on lees for a minimum of 12 months to produce exceptional fine and crisp bubbles. Honeydew and toasty brioche delight on the nose and crisp bubbles dance on the palate. Naturally vegan-friendly and gluten free.
Terroir – Salish Sea: Soils consisting of sandy gravelly marine over sandy gravelly morainal leading to schistic clay at 12-16′ depths. Elevation sloping 3° seaward. Hot to moderate day temp, cooling at night from the ocean breeze. Very mild winters, seldom reaching below 0°C. Farming: VSP (Vertical Shoot Position)/cane pruning (single and double cane). Sustainable farming methods, no synthetics and minimum organic certified products used.
Traditional method. Grapes are harvested earlier than table wines to ensure a higher acidity. Free run press only to stainless steel. Primary fermentation in tank, secondary fermentation in bottle. Triage minimum 19 months. 24-36 preferred. Riddled and disgorged at low temperature to ensure wine integrity.
Grapes: Chardonnay – Clone 76 – Burgundy, Saone et Loire Pinot Noir – Clone 828 – Burgundy, Coté-d’Or.
Pairs wonderfully with creamy cheese and celebrations.


40 Knots Winery

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