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2022 "Runs in the Family" Gamay
2022 "Runs in the Family" Gamay300775, Grown on the deep warm sands of the Black Sage …$24.90ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Ursa Major 2022 Cruel and Indiufferent Riesling
2022 "Cruel and Indifferent" Riesling300767, Grown at Hidden Vines Vineyard in East Kelowna. A very …$24.90ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Odd Society
Wallflower Strawberry Gin 375 ml
Wallflower Strawberry Gin 375 ml318975,

375 ml

$21.95odd-society-spirits12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Anthony Buchanan Petit Verdot Ancestrale
2022 Petit Verdot Ancestrale324924,

Ancestrale Pet-Nat

$26.00anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Anthony Buchanan Piquette Blanc
2022 Piquette Blanc48523,

Chardonnay skin piquette

$15.99anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Anthony Buchanan 2021 Viognier Micro Cuvee
2021 Viognier Micro Cuvée459345,

Single Vineyard, Micro Cuvée

$24.65anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Pinot Noir
2021 Pinot Noir571570,

Estate Pinot Noir

$32.50emandare-vineyard12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Bella Chinato
Sparkling Chinato (NV) 330 ml440266,

Sparkling Fortified Wine

$24.00Sparkling fortified winebella-wines12-x-330-ml out-of-stock
Odd Society
Salal Gin
Salal Gin 375 ml417345,

“Sloe” Gin, with B.C. grown salal berries.

375 ml ABV 30%

$22.61odd-society-spirits12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Ursa Major
2021 The Black Sage Rd Sessions402444,

Cabernet Sauvignon

$26.90ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2021 Sauvignon Blanc
2021 Sauvignon Blanc554576, From the oldest planting of Sauvignon Blanc vines on Vancouver …$22.00emandare-vineyard12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2021 Gewürztraminer
2021 Gewürztraminer191260,

Estate Wines

$20.50emandare-vineyard12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Emandare Blanc de Noir
2021 Blanc De Noir420542,

Emandare “From the Valley” Wines

$19.00emandare-vineyard12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Scenic Rd Cider Rhuberry
CiderMaker's Select Series - Rhuberry448402,

CiderMaker’s Select Series Rhuberry

$6.87scenic-road-cidery12-x-500-ml out-of-stock
Ursa Major Harmful Melodies
2021 ‘Harmful Melodies’ Plum Wine402473,

75% certified organic Shiro and Red Heart Plums and 25% blend of Viognier & Riesling

$22.90ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Ursa Cab Sauv Rosé
2021 ‘For There it is, Crack’d in a Hundred Shivers’ Cab Sauv Rosé413826,

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

$22.90ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Odd Society
Odd Society Elderflower Liqueur
Elderflower Liqueur 375 ml52934,

Elderflower Liqueur

$16.28odd-society-spirits12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Rathjen P+G
2020 P+G155080,

2020 P+G

$22.99rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Scenic Rd Haskapple
CiderMaker's Select Series - Haskapple412963,

CiderMaker’s Select Series Haskapple

$6.87scenic-road-cidery12-x-500-ml out-of-stock
Odd Society
Maple Rye Whisky 375 ml
Maple Rye Whisky 375 ml278893,

Maple Rye Whisky

$26.49odd-society-spirits12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Ursa Mirror Mirror Gamay Noir
"Mirror, Mirror in My Head" Gamay Noir402470,

2021 Gamay Noir

$22.90ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Ursa Et in Oliver Ego
"Et in Oliver ego" Sauv Blanc & Muscat402498,

2021 Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat Co-ferment

$23.89ursa-major12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Bella GewMay
2021 Something Different "Gew-May"466646, Using organic Gewürztraminer (aka “gew”), the destemmed fruit was in …$23.35bella-wines6-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2021 Gamay Noir
2021 Gamay Noir048609, 88% Gamay, 12% Zweigelt Rama Vineyard, Osoyoos These grapes are …$19.99anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2021 B2 Sparkling Rosé (Half Bottle)
2021 B2 Sparkling Rosé (Half Bottle)466626,

Bella Blend (B2) Sparkling Rosé (375 ml)

$14.25bella-wines12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Bella Wines B2
2021 B2 Sparkling Rosé 750 ml466621,

Bella B2 Sparkling Rosé – 750 ml

$21.75bella-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Bella Mariani 787
2022 Mariani 787 Gamay Noir Ancestrale469729,

Mariani 787 Gamay Ancestrale Rosé

bella-wines6-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Cortes Island Apple Brandy
Cortes Island Apple Brandy - Cask Strength 375ml370927-2,

375ml  – 62.23%

Cask Strength Calvados crafted from 100% Cortes Island Apples

Single Barrel Release



$40.06wayward-distillery12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Odd Society
Commodore Port Barrel Finished Single Malt Whisky 375 ml
Commodore Port Barrel Finished Single Malt Whisky 375 ml494079,

Commodore Port Barrel Finished Single Malt Whisky

375 ml


$28.11odd-society-spirits12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Nichol Pinot Noir 550
2020 Pinot Noir 550M29146,

Nichol 2020 Pinot Noir 550

$23.00nichol-vineyard12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2020 Gewürztraminer / Muscat / Schönburger
2020 Gewürztraminer / Muscat / Schönburger530645, 55% Gewürtz (9 days on skins) / 27% Muscat Petits …$20.00thorn-burrow12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2020 Cabernet Franc/Merlot Tertre Rouge
2020 Cabernet Franc/Merlot Tertre Rouge239103, Aged for 20 months in French Oak with 45% new …$22.00December Releasesynchromesh12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2020 Storm Haven Gold Digger 'Blue Label' Riesling
2020 Storm Haven Gold Digger 'Blue Label' Riesling419471, Storm Haven Vineyard is the 107 acre home and heart …$30.00synchromesh12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
CiderMaker’s Select Series Nectar
CiderMaker's Select Series - Nectar416569, ,

CiderMaker’s Select Series Nectar

$6.87scenic-road-cidery12-x-500-ml out-of-stock seasonal
2020 Storm Haven 'Blue Label' Gibson Block 3 Riesling
2020 Storm Haven 'Blue Label' Gibson Block 3 Riesling820864,

Exploration of very different expressions of Riesling.

$30.00synchromesh12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2018 Cactus White - Bag In Box
2018 Cactus White - Bag In Box664615$160.06desert-hills-estate-wineryout-of-stock
2018 Cactus Red - Keg191981, $320.00desert-hills-estate-winery1-x-20-litre out-of-stock
2019 Flora & Fauna Ancestrale Sparkling White
2019 Flora & Fauna Ancestrale Sparkling White151443, $27.89desert-hills-estate-winery12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2020 FUBAR
2020 FUBAR98979, 2020 FUBAR Kick Ass Red Blend A delicious and fun …$24.88anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2019 Pinot Noir Ashlyn
2019 Pinot Noir Ashlyn572966, The first estate Pinot Noir from Anthony’s winery in Kaleden. …$28.69anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2020 SNAFU
2020 SNAFU98960, Sauvignon Blanc (30%), Chardonnay Musqué (27%), Muscat (20%), Semillon (15%), …$23.89anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Nichol Nates Vineyard Syrah
2020 Syrah Nate’s Vineyard29176,

2020 Nichol “Nate’s Vineyard” Syrah

$18.00nichol-vineyard12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Farmhouse Scrumpy
Farmhouse Scrumpy131315, Scrumpy style ciders have a long and storied history and …$12.50salt-spring-wild-cider-house12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Ginger Root - Keg201999, Nicely balanced with an earthy sweetness. A very fragrant, delicate …$180.00salt-spring-wild-cider-house1-x-20-litre out-of-stock
Crème de Cassis - Fortified Fruit Wine
Crème de Cassis - Fortified Fruit Wine155757, Inspired by the classic liqueur of Burgundy, our Crème de …$17.99rathjen-cellars12-x-500-ml out-of-stock
2020 Rosé
2020 Rosé186715, Our Rosé is made from Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir …$18.99rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Pinot Gris Saanich Old Vines
2020 Pinot Gris "Saanich Old Vines"209754,


$21.49rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Unsworth logo
2021 Rosé
2021 Rosé103107,

Dry and fruit forward, our 2020 Rosé is one of our most popular wines.

$20.99unsworth-vineyards12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2020 Pinot Blanc
2020 Pinot Blanc428505, Our Pinot Blanc is grown on the southwest-facing slopes of …$19.99rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
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2017 Cuvée de L’île Traditional Method - Magnum
2017 Cuvée de L’île Traditional Method - Magnum994897,

The pinnacle of Unsworth’s sparkling wine collection, Cuvée de l’île is crafted in the traditional method. 2017 Cuvée de l’île is a blend of 50% Pinot Gris, 50% Pinot Noir, sourced from Saison Vineyard, Sunnydale Vineyard, and Zanatta Vineyard.

$70.00unsworth-vineyards1-x-1-5-litre out-of-stock
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