Salt Spring Wild Cider House

ProducerRegions/ProducersNameSKUFormatSummaryPriceSale PriceNotesBuy
Traditional Dry510222
Traditional Dry - Keg202008
Traditional Semi-Dry547828
Traditional Semi-Dry - Keg182530
Farmhouse Scrumpy131315
Farmhouse Scrumpy - Keg
Bitter Orange Rosemary196235
Bitter Orange Rosemary - Keg202005,
Elderberry Elderflower539908
Elderberry Elderflower - Keg202039,
Ginger Root2830
Ginger Root - Keg201999,
Hopped Apricot400671
Hopped Apricot - Keg202042
Pear Cider443135
Pear Cider- Keg,
Pineapple Amaro50565,
Pineapple Amaro - Keg123690,
Plum Cider77263
Plum Cider - Keg,
Red Grapefruit253308,
Red Grapefruit - Keg64803,
Saskatoon Berry014376,
Barrel Aged Muscat168958
Ice Cider487116
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