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Anthony Buchanan Petit Verdot Ancestrale
2022 Petit Verdot Ancestrale324924,

Ancestrale Pet-Nat

$26.00anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Anthony Buchanan Piquette Blanc
2022 Piquette Blanc48523,

Chardonnay skin piquette

$15.99anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Anthony Buchanan 2021 Viognier Micro Cuvee
2021 Viognier Micro Cuvée459345,

Single Vineyard, Micro Cuvée

$24.65anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Anthony Buchanan Chardonnay
2021 Chardonnay422654

100% Chardonnay

Anthony Buchanan Zweigelt
2021 Zweigelt422670

86% Zweigelt, 14% Viognier

Anthony Buchanan Riesling Skin Ferment
2021 Riesling Amphora422662

100% Riesling Skin Ferment

Anthony Buchanan Grape Apple Dandelion
2021 Grape Apple Dandelion48541

Grape Apple Wine

Anthony Buchanan La Bise
2021 La Bise422918

Grape Apple Wine

2020 Malbec Rosé Keg413805

Malbec Rosé

2021 Ramato Gris
2021 Ramato Gris416178In Northeast Italy they make a style of wine from …$23.00
2021 Gamay Noir
2021 Gamay Noir048609, 88% Gamay, 12% Zweigelt Rama Vineyard, Osoyoos These grapes are …$19.99anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
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2020 Syrah William Dean
2020 Syrah William Dean193918This Syrah is from the Three Boys vineyard on the …$28.69anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml
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2020 FUBAR
2020 FUBAR98979, 2020 FUBAR Kick Ass Red Blend  A delicious and fun …$24.88anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
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2019 Pinot Noir Ashlyn
2019 Pinot Noir Ashlyn572966, The first estate Pinot Noir from Anthony’s winery in Kaleden. …$28.69anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
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2020 SNAFU
2020 SNAFU98960, Sauvignon Blanc (30%), Chardonnay Musqué (27%), Muscat (20%), Semillon (15%), …$23.89anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Trois Orange
2021 Trois Orange176501

A blend of 75% Gewürztraminer 18% Viognier 7% Riesling


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2021 Viognier
2021 Viognier13403The vines are getting older and becoming more expressive. We …$19.96anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml
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2021 Pinot Blanc
2021 Pinot Blanc "Lawson"860957This is the third year we’ve used these certified organic …$17.99anthony-buchanan-wines12-x-750-ml
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2019 Wild Ferment Brut Méthod Ancestrale
2019 Wild Ferment Brut Méthod Ancestrale237011$23.03
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