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Rathjen P+G
2020 P+G155080

2020 P+G

Imperative Dry Vermouth - 375ml
Imperative Dry Vermouth - 375ml11036

375 ml

Imperative Dry Vermouth
Imperative Dry Vermouth182431

750 ml

Crème de Cassis - Fortified Fruit Wine
Crème de Cassis - Fortified Fruit Wine155757Inspired by the classic liqueur of Burgundy, our Crème de …rathjen-cellars12-x-500-ml
2019 Pinot Noir - Saison Vineyards
2019 Pinot Noir - Saison Vineyards180100The follow-up vintage to our award winning wine: Dry-farmed at …rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml
2020 Rosé
2020 Rosé186715Our Rosé is made from Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir …rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml
2020 Auxerrois
2020 Auxerrois155773Our Auxerrois comes from some of the oldest vines on …rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml
2020 Pinot Gris - Saison Vineyards
2020 Pinot Gris - Saison Vineyards209754The follow-up vintage to our award-winning wine: This Pinot Gris …rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml
2019 Bunker Red Island Blend
2019 Bunker Red Island Blend188683

A vibrant and charming blend of Foch, Pinot Noir and Carménère.

2020 Bunker White Island Blend
2020 Bunker White Island Blend120893

Ortega and Pinot Gris grapes are grown on the Saanich Peninsula.

2020 Pinot Blanc
2020 Pinot Blanc428505Our Pinot Blanc is grown on the southwest-facing slopes of …rathjen-cellars12-x-750-ml
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