Born to Shake

Fundamental Selection - Syrups
Fundamental Selection - Syrups

The Fundamental Selection of our syrups. This box includes 3 of our best selling syrups in 120ml bottles. Our Old Fashioned, Out of the Blue and Honey Maker.

Aromatic-ish Selection - Bitters
Aromatic-ish Selection - Bitters

The perfect mix of our aromatic-ish bitters! This box includes 3 of our bitters in 29ml bottles. Our Shmok’n Choclate, Covfefe and Walnuts N’ Spice…

Hibiscus Salt Cocktail Rimmer
Hibiscus Salt Cocktail RimmerFloral, tart and soooo beautiful. Try this on your classic …born-to-shake140-g
Smoky Ancho Salt Cocktail Rimmer
Smoky Ancho Salt Cocktail RimmerSmoke with a touch of heat. Think spicy & tropical …born-to-shake140-g
Lemon Lavender Sugar Rimmer
Lemon Lavender Sugar RimmerLavender sugar with a bright lemon twist. Try this on …born-to-shake140-g
LemonBright, citrus tart and bitter – use this to enhance …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
OrangeRobust with big orange flavours. Use with whiskey, gin or …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Herbal Lavender
Herbal LavenderRosemary, orange and lavender are packed tightly into this herbaceous …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Mountain Man
Mountain ManLet cedarwood, wintergreen, chamomile and blackcurrant transform your cocktail into …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Shmok'n Choclate
Shmok'n ChoclateSmokey, chocolatey and just the right amount of spicy. This …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Covfefe (Coffee)
Covfefe (Coffee)Locally sourced espresso beans, with rich Tahitian vanilla beans, and …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Old Fashioned
Old FashionedOur Old Fashioned bitters compliment your favourite aromatic bitters.born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Walnuts n' Spice
Walnuts n' SpiceNutty, and deep in flavour. With liquorice on the nose …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
Golden Hour
Golden HourFresh squeezed and nothing but the best! We use this …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Honey Maker
Honey MakerHoney syrup using honeybush tea and only the best local …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Raspberry Beret
Raspberry BeretFresh, fruity and tart. Try making your own Raspberry Lemonade.born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
MojitoAll the fun and street cred of a mojito without …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Ms. Lavender
Ms. LavenderMs. Lavender works wonderfully with your favourite gin mixed with …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Out of the Blue
Out of the BlueSpruce up any plain old gin, vodka, or whiskey cocktailborn-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Old Fashioned
Old FashionedBright and flavourful with the perfect amount of orange and molasses.born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Cherry Bomb
Cherry BombThis syrup is the perfect addition to any holiday plans, …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Carrot Cake
Carrot CakeThis syrup is made with fresh carrot juice, bergamot, vanilla …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Orange Fiesta
Orange FiestaBlood orange is their most popular syrupborn-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Blossom Sauce
Blossom SauceDeep, beautiful, floral. The hibiscus in this syrup adds earthiness …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Birds & the Bees
Birds & the BeesThis magic little number is made with local apple juice, …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Babe Sauce
Babe SauceBlast of strawberries, perfectly tart with a floral finish of …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
Basil Affinity
Basil AffinityThis affinity of flavours – basil, vanilla and lemon – …born-to-shake12-x-59-ml
All Thai'd Up
All Thai'd UpSummer in a nutshell – fresh watermelon, a touch of …born-to-shake12-x-330-ml
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