Bella Wines

Bella Chinato
Sparkling Chinato (NV) 330 ml440266,

Sparkling Fortified Wine

$24.00Sparkling fortified winebella-wines12-x-330-ml out-of-stock
Bella GewMay
2021 Something Different "Gew-May"466646, Using organic Gewürztraminer (aka “gew”), the destemmed fruit was in …$23.35bella-wines6-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2021 B2 Sparkling Rosé (Half Bottle)
2021 B2 Sparkling Rosé (Half Bottle)466626,

Bella Blend (B2) Sparkling Rosé (375 ml)

$14.25bella-wines12-x-375-ml out-of-stock
Bella Wines B2
2021 B2 Sparkling Rosé 750 ml466621,

Bella B2 Sparkling Rosé – 750 ml

$21.75bella-wines12-x-750-ml out-of-stock
Bella Mariani 787
2021 Mariani 787 Gamay Noir Ancestrale469729,

Mariani 787 Gamay Ancestrale Rosé

$24.95bella-wines6-x-750-ml out-of-stock
2021 Something Different Piquette
2021 Something Different Piquette263056

2021 Piquette

$12.967.7% - Sparkling Rosè
Something Different Pinot Blanc
2021 Something Different Pinot Blanc466634

Something Different Series

Bella PBandC
2021 Something Different PB&C48713“PB&C”, a cheeky riff on PB&J, is a blend of …$24.85
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